Saturday, March 05, 2005

Clearing Up A Misunderstanding

Anonymous asked me this:

Does this mean it will only be published in the Readers Digest format or can you publish with another publisher?
Was this your only option for the new novel?

The sale to Reader's Digest is a bonus.  Ballantine is publishing the book in early July.  And this is not the book I'm working on now.

This sale is known as part of subsidiary rights.  I'll share the money with Ballantine.  As far as I know RD doesn't publish anything for condensed books that hasn't come out earlier in a regular edition.

So don't worry Anonymous, this is good. My sale to Ballantine happened in early 2004.  And now I'm working on, and complaining about, the second book in the series.

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Cara said...

I'll be reading your books starting tomorrow...I hooked up with your site while researching Louise Fitzhugh, who I adored during my girlhood. Harriet made me feel 'normal", if that makes sense, because I felt like an outsider in the world of dollies and hair curlers! I still read my battered old copy of HTS.